Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Shu Uemura Morphorium Collection for Spring 2011

Hey Girls!

Here is the Shu Uemura Spring Collection. All the products will be available in a Limited Edition. They will be available in Japan as from the 21st January and in Taiwan as from the 1st January, so I reckon they will be out in the States around the same period.

Eye & Cheek Palette ($69.00)

o       Sunset Gold Palette – peach blush, brown and bronzy shades
o       Blue Butterfly Wings / Metamorphosis Blue Palette – bright blue, deep purple, yellow and brown shades

Peacock Partial  Eye Lashes ($30.00)

The eye lashes have purple, brown and black colours and reflect a variety of colour combination depending on the angle you are looking.

Eye Shadow Powder – Pigment- 1.5 g 

o       Malachite Green (Aqua Green)
o       Rose Gold ( Ivy Gold)
o       Can Silver Mica ( Khaki Silver)

Colorless Lipstick – 3.7 g 

o       PK 335 – pastel nude color
o       PK 343 – pink
o       BG 944 orange
o       BG 935 apricot

Nail Polish – 10 ml – Limited Edition

o       Sapphire Amazon – shimmery turquoise
o       Orange Mining Congo – shiny tangerine



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