Monday, 22 November 2010

NYX Round Lipstick

NYX lipsticks are another NYX great product! Like with all other NYX products, there is a wide variety of shades, a total of 142. So there is a colour that will almost definitely appeal to you.They are $4.00 on the website, but you can get them for $2 on or at an Ulta store, since there tend to be a lot of sales.  So basically it is $4.00 for 0.14oz, whereas a MAC lipstick is $14.50 for 0.1oz.

The first thing I noticed when I applied it is the creamy feel, so much so that lip balm springs to mind. I definitely love the texture and feel of their Round Lipsticks. This lipstick definitely feels like its moisturising my lips as opposed to making them feel dry and chapped. The staying quality is good; mine lasted approximately 3 hours, with no eating/drinking.

I’ve seen people talk about how they smell like plastic. I unfortunately have a very poor sense of smell and so to me they seem to be scent-free.

The packaging is not very fancy, it’s rather basic to be honest, but it works.  The black tube looks presentable and not messy. I like that the bottom of the tube is a transparent cap, you are able to see the actual colour of the lipstick.

In short, I like the quality of these lipsticks.  Their application is very smooth and creamy, they definitely don’t dry out my lips, and I don't need to re-apply as often. One thing I do have to note, however, is that some shades do tend to bleed slightly and so that is one thing you have to watch out for.

o       Product: 8/10
o       Price: 8/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 7/10                  Total B+

I don't own many NYX Round lipsticks so I can't really provide many swatches, but has swatches for EVERY Round Lipstick, here's a link...
hope it helps, and my apologies for not providing swatches myself.

NYX Single Eyeshadows

NYX Single Eyeshadows are by far the most impressive drugstore brand out there, it can be considered THE budget brand. They are available in 160 different shades and it can be said that many can be considered dupes of more expensive brands, such as MAC.

Although the shadows are $5.50, you can always find offers in Ulta, and if there is no store near you also has great prices (and ships internationally)! So the shadows are $5.50 for 0.07oz, while MAC shadows sell for $14.50 for 0.05oz. There is also a colour selection that rivals MAC, needless to say it is impossible to leave the store without something! So if there are any colours you’d like to try but aren’t sure… NYX is the way to go!

Something I love about these eye shadows is that they are super pigmented. They come in a wide variety of neutral and vibrant colours. And there are several different finishes, so you can choose from sheer, matte, metallic, shimmer, glitter and frost.

The packaging consists of simple black plastic packaging, with a window allowing you to view the eyeshadow. Although it may not look very fancy, it is solid. Some consider it a cheaper version of MAC’s packaging.

In short, NYX is one of those brands that really gets me with their product quality and budget friendly prices so, to be honest, everything I have to say about NYX so far is positive. 


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 8/10                  Total A

I don't own the entire NYX single eyeshadow collection... so i've posted swatches of the collection, courtesy of