Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Giorgio Armani Transluminence Collection for Spring 2011

Hey Girls!

The Armani makeup collection for spring 2011 plays with transparency to ignite a woman’s face. Bright colours that allow infinite layering and blending create a new landscape of tones. There is a new smoky look for the eyes produced with radiant colours. From soft to dramatic, the look seen at the Armani spring/summer 2011 fashion show was a fresh interpretation of “La Femme Bleue”.

U.S. Launch Date – February 2011 @giorgioarmanibeauty.com and selected department stores.

Transluminence Eye Palette ($58.00)


Blend and layer the four full, rich, colour-intense translucent tones. Apply rich purple iris with an eye brush to the eyelid and add dewy forest green. These will fuse together into a vibrant blue turquoise. Render the effect even more luminous with a layer of frozen silver. Open up the eye with a touch of silver on the inside corner. Outline the under eye or the eyelid with soft black eye colour, applied wet or dry.

Transluminence Face Palette ($49.00)


Sculpt the face with frost bitten Sheer Translucent Blush presented in the spring signature face palette.

Rouge d’Armani ($30.00)


o       #503 Petal Pink
o       #508 Early Morning Rose
o       #518 Dawn Pink

Spring Blossoms of Spring Cheek Palette 

Loose Powder 

Waterproof Eyeliner 

o       #1 Classic Black
o       #2 Modern Brown
o       #3 Grass Green