Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dior Avenue Montaigne Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

Inspired by the elegance and refinement of Christian Dior’s original Paris boutique at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Dior’s new spring color collection features the iconic greys of the House of Dior paired with fresh, feminine shades of pink. In a very Parisian spirit, the new spring look incorporates the all tones of Avenue Montaigne on a perfect spring evening: smoky and pearly grey eyes subtly enhanced with powdery touches of baby and boudoir pink and a natural glowing complexion. The overall effect is very soft, very sophisticated and very Dior.

5-Colour Eyeshadow ($58.00)


o       Gris Gris (034)

5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow ($58.00)


o       Soft Pink Design (018) (Not at Sephora)

Crayon Eyeliner ($28.00)

o       Smoky Grey (077)


Rouge Dior Lipcolour ($30.00)

o       Spring Pink (540) (Not at Sephora)
o       Chic Pink (658) (Not at Sephora)


Serum de Rouge ($32.00)


o       Pink Coral Serum (240) (Not at Sephora)
o       Pinky Mauve Serum (460) (Not at Sephora)

Addict Ultra Gloss ($26.50)


o       Pink Veil (654)
o       Trianon Silver (707) (Sephora Exclusive)

Vernis ($21.00)

o       Gris Montaigne (707)
o       Pink Boa (349) (Not at Sephora)

So tell me... what are you looking forward to the most?