Saturday, 27 November 2010

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

$26.00/ 1.00 oz

The packaging is simple. It comes in a clear glass bottle with a screw on black lid. The only thing I dislike about this is the fact that I had to purchase a pump in order to get the foundation out the bottle.

It has silicone products in it which makes it glide across the skin but it might clog pores because silicone has a tendency to do that, and it photographs amazingly. So the best part of this product is that it makes your skin look flawless. It also has SPF which is always a plus when it comes to foundations.

The foundation gives good coverage, it gives a beautiful glow to my skin and it isn’t  cakey. It gives a medium build able coverage and it evens out my skin tone. I also have to say that this foundation hasn’t caused any breakouts.

I always set it with powder, especially since I have oily skin, so it does last practically all day, which is really good.


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 7/10
o       Ease of Use: 6/10
o       Packaging: 8/10                 

 Total B+

Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash: The Body Shop

100ml £5.00/ 8 euros

The Body Shop description: An everyday creamy facial wash specially formulated to help unclog pores and blackheads by gently exfoliating to remove trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Regular use helps prevent future breakouts and keeps skin looking clear. Invigorates the skin and leaves it feeling clear, clean and beautifully soft.

I bought this because my skin has started to break out again, and my skig is often red and blotchy, which only leads to a lot of heavy foundation. My skin is also greasy (t-zone). 

I am not as impressed with this product as I am the facial wash. It’s effect on my skin has not been very impressive, although perhaps I should give it more time. It does exfoliates perfectly well, and it leaves my skin feeling tingly and fresh. I do admit that it is perfect for oily and acne-prone or dry skin, I can notice that much. I’ll give it more time and post an update in a few weeks. 

They have an entire line of blemish busting tea tree oil products, so you may want to try those, too!

o       Product: 6/10
o       Price: 6/10
o       Ease of Use: 7/10
o       Packaging: 7/10                 

 Total C-

Tea Tree Facial Wash: The Body Shop

£4.50/ 7.00 euros /$13.00

The Body Shop Description: Cleansing gel-based facial wash, suitable for everyday use to help prevent blemishes, removing excess oil without over drying the skin.

I bought this because my skin has started to break out again, and my skig is often red and blotchy, which only leads to a lot of heavy foundation. My skin is also greasy (t-zone). 

Price wise I can’t complain, it is £4.50 for 250ml. There are a lot more expensive products on the market.
I absolutely love this product. It’s effect on my skin was most impressive. The wash is very soothing and gentle as well as being refreshing and, despite the warning, probably suitable for the most delicate of skins. I have been using it for about two weeks now (day and night) and already I can see that there are less spots on my face and the blotches have definitely been reduced. 

They recommend that you use the tea tree oil refresher spray in conjunction with the wash, but I wouldn’t say this is completely necessary. 

o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 9/10 
o       Packaging: 8/10                  Total A

NYX Powder Blush

The blushes are highly pigmented they are usually matte, which is nice because most other brands seem to have satin or shimmer. One point to note is that because these blushes are so pigmented, so you can go overboard quite easily. Also, it never accentuates my pores or looks chalky, so that is a plus.

The blush stays on well. It lasts about 6-7 hours and during the summer about 5-6 hours.

It costs $6 for 0.2oz of product, which is a good especially when compared to MAC’s blush prices. You do get a lot of product for what you’re paying. Also, on sides like, there are often sales. There are 19 shades to choose from, so you do have plenty of choice.

The packaging is like the eyeshadow packaging, which although is not very glamorous, it is very solid. It comes in a square pan with a quilted surface. It has a clear window which allows you to see the colour of the blush, which is great when you have too many! Plastic is used for the packaging. Also, it is rather compact so easy to carry in your purse.

The only thing I would say that not too great is that these blushes are a bit on the powdery side, so the powder gets scattered around the ages.

o       Product: 7/10
o       Price: 8/10
o       Ease of Use: 7/10
o       Packaging: 8/10                  Total B-


Left to right: silky rose, natural, peach, taupe  and  dusty rose 

As you can see, natural and peach are too light for my skin tone (NW25). Also, I use taupe for contouring. 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Smashbox Wish Holiday Collection 2010

Smashbox's Wish Collection for Holiday 2010 consists of four new kits range from $16-46 each and come with various combinations of products for eyes, lips, cheeks and face.In the holiday spirit, Smashbox plans to donate $1 from the sale of each Wish collection purchase (up to $25,000) to the Children’s Miracle Network.

 Wish for the Perfect Pout $29

A limited-edition set of six gorgeous glosses including exclusive holiday shades.
 2 x 0.20 oz lip glosses in Luster (sheer golden pink) and Candid (pink with gold shimmer)4 x 0.14 oz lip glosses in Radiant (shimmering pink plum), Baby Pout (a sheer and shimmering version of Pout), Ecstasy (shimmering blackberry), and Divine (golden nude).

Eye Wish Palette $45

A limited-edition mega eye palette that includes 12 shadows(champagne, soft gray, matte bone, ballet pink, shimmering bronze, mauve, aqua, cool gray, warm brown, eggplant, deep teal, and charcoal), four cream eyeliners, and mini versions of Photo Finish Lid Primer and Mini Lash DNA Mascara, all in an elegant, gold, mirrored keepsake box. This versatile eye palette helps you create an endless array of festive eye looks using Smashbox’s step-by-step “Get-the-Look” cards, included with this palette, which illustrate countless ways to wear these stunning shades.

Wish For The Perfect Pencils $ 16

These creamy, long-wearing, waterproof Smashbox eyeliners provide bold color that doesn’t smudge or budge for up to eight hours 4 x 0.03 oz Limitless Eye Liners in Onyx, Orchid, Graphite, and 14k

 Wish For The Perfect Primers $39
A limited-edition set of Smashbox’s best-selling skin perfecting Photo Finish favorites.
  • 0.1 oz Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • 0.08 oz Photo Finish Lid Primer
  • 0.375 Travel-size Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer

The Gold List (Sephora exclusive) $49
This set features everything you need to add instant glamour to your everyday look. The fetching, gold-weave cosmetic bag includes a travel-size Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer, Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, Fusion Soft Lights eye and cheek luminizer in Baked Starburst, and O-Gloss Gold, an ideal combination for looking red-carpet ready in an instant.

This set contains:
  • 0.27 oz Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Starburst
  • 0.5 oz Photo Finish Luminzing Foundation Primer
  • 0.34 oz O-Gloss Gold
  • 0.24 oz Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
  • gold metallic cosmetic case

MAC Pro Set Powder - Invisible

 So MAC PRO Set Powders come in seven shades, they include:
o       MAC Lilac: Whisper soft lavender
o       MAC Peach: Light-medium beige peach
o       MAC Deep Peach: Medium-deep beige with neutral peach undertones
o       MAC Soft Yellow: Creamy soft yellow
o       MAC Dusty Rose: Very soft pink
o       MAC Porcelain: Soft white
o       MAC Invisible: Transparent ivory

I liked that the invisible powder has a matte finish that absorbs oil for relatively long periods of time. It definitely keeps me less oily throughout the day, although one thing to note is that it does depend on what type of base is used. I’ve tried different products and the best results were produced with the heavier coverage products. I have combination oily skin and it seems to work well overall, I only have to use very little to get good coverage.
This powder is also a godsend in the summer, when I tan and go up a few shades, meaning that all my winter powders are of no use! so this powder is absolutely perfect because, well its Invisible! It also means that this will work for almost anyone and with any skin tone. Although, when doing research on this product, some of the complaints were that it tends to look ashy on darker complexions. So I recommend trying a sample first before purchasing if you have doubts.
This product $22 for 0.28 oz jar, it’s a huge makeup jar! It’s a great price for a good size. This is only available through MAC Pro, however anyone can order via the phone if you do not have a MAC store near you.
I recommend this to everyone especially for liquid foundation users. It’s a lot of set powder that will last for a good amount of time. If you’re skin is extremely oily and you wear heavier products, this could be a godsend.
I haven’t tried the Laura Mercier translucent powder, so I can’t really compare this product, I do intend to purchase this in the near future, so be on the look up for a review! 

o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 8/10

T otal: A-

Monday, 22 November 2010

NYX Round Lipstick

NYX lipsticks are another NYX great product! Like with all other NYX products, there is a wide variety of shades, a total of 142. So there is a colour that will almost definitely appeal to you.They are $4.00 on the website, but you can get them for $2 on or at an Ulta store, since there tend to be a lot of sales.  So basically it is $4.00 for 0.14oz, whereas a MAC lipstick is $14.50 for 0.1oz.

The first thing I noticed when I applied it is the creamy feel, so much so that lip balm springs to mind. I definitely love the texture and feel of their Round Lipsticks. This lipstick definitely feels like its moisturising my lips as opposed to making them feel dry and chapped. The staying quality is good; mine lasted approximately 3 hours, with no eating/drinking.

I’ve seen people talk about how they smell like plastic. I unfortunately have a very poor sense of smell and so to me they seem to be scent-free.

The packaging is not very fancy, it’s rather basic to be honest, but it works.  The black tube looks presentable and not messy. I like that the bottom of the tube is a transparent cap, you are able to see the actual colour of the lipstick.

In short, I like the quality of these lipsticks.  Their application is very smooth and creamy, they definitely don’t dry out my lips, and I don't need to re-apply as often. One thing I do have to note, however, is that some shades do tend to bleed slightly and so that is one thing you have to watch out for.

o       Product: 8/10
o       Price: 8/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 7/10                  Total B+

I don't own many NYX Round lipsticks so I can't really provide many swatches, but has swatches for EVERY Round Lipstick, here's a link...
hope it helps, and my apologies for not providing swatches myself.

NYX Single Eyeshadows

NYX Single Eyeshadows are by far the most impressive drugstore brand out there, it can be considered THE budget brand. They are available in 160 different shades and it can be said that many can be considered dupes of more expensive brands, such as MAC.

Although the shadows are $5.50, you can always find offers in Ulta, and if there is no store near you also has great prices (and ships internationally)! So the shadows are $5.50 for 0.07oz, while MAC shadows sell for $14.50 for 0.05oz. There is also a colour selection that rivals MAC, needless to say it is impossible to leave the store without something! So if there are any colours you’d like to try but aren’t sure… NYX is the way to go!

Something I love about these eye shadows is that they are super pigmented. They come in a wide variety of neutral and vibrant colours. And there are several different finishes, so you can choose from sheer, matte, metallic, shimmer, glitter and frost.

The packaging consists of simple black plastic packaging, with a window allowing you to view the eyeshadow. Although it may not look very fancy, it is solid. Some consider it a cheaper version of MAC’s packaging.

In short, NYX is one of those brands that really gets me with their product quality and budget friendly prices so, to be honest, everything I have to say about NYX so far is positive. 


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 8/10                  Total A

I don't own the entire NYX single eyeshadow collection... so i've posted swatches of the collection, courtesy of 



Saturday, 20 November 2010

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

I came across the NYX brand after watching some make-up tutorials on I was curious and so at first I ordered 2 lipglosses. Unfortunately I’m in Europe and so I don’t have the luxury of being able to go to a store. I must say I’m really really happy with them, so much so that I have now got 10 different shades.

The tubes a pretty big and you do get a lot of product for your money. The tubes are 0.53 fl oz. For size comparison, MAC Lipglass tubes are 0.17 fl oz. and more than twice the price. They have them in 61 different shades. 

I love their consistency! They are not sticky, very smooth, they feel light on the lips and it feels slightly moistureising. The gloss doesn’t feel slippery either. Also, VERY VERY pigmented! They definitely wear well, and last for a few hours if you don’t eat/drink. The packaging is simple, with a bow detail on the cap. 

 The only real negative I have about these is the applicator. It’s a bent-angle sponge tip, which I find is a bit too big, so I’ve got to be careful. But it’s not a big deal really. 

 Some people say that the scent is unbearable. I like it, it’s a cherry like scent which I think is pleasant. No plastic nonsense here. I can also say that the scent is less noticeable once the product is on your lips, so if your not a big fan of the scent, it might not be a big deal for you.

Have you tried any of NYX’s glosses before? I’m curious, how do you feel about the scent?


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 7/10
o       Packaging: 8/10

Would I Buy Again: Absolutely!


Left to right: Smokey Look, La-La, Chandelier & Perfect

Left to right: Sweetheart, Lollipop, Natural, Beige, Gold Pink & Juicy Pink

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

So NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.00) are oversized pencils that can be used as eyeliners or shadows, according to NYX. It’s available in twenty-four shades, ranging from black to blue to yellow.

They work great used alone as a base or layered on top of your favorite eyeshadow base (like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance). I used them as a base alone and didn’t experience any creasing or fading.

I like the Jumbo Eye Pencils as eyeshadow bases the most, because their jumbo-sized points are easier to use in applying it all over the eye. Also, it is so big that it is hard to use as an eyeliner. You can use them alone or layered on top of an eyeshadow base, I normally use the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but others also work. It isn't necessary to a primer, although if you have greasy lids, it is recommended as they can crease.

I like the fact that there is such a variety of shades and they are only $4.00, another good thing about these jumbo pencils is that they do give make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant as well as help your eyeshadow last longer.

There is one downside, sharpening them. I have already managed to break the tip of one of my pencils... the only thing that will sharpen them is the NYX’s Sharpener. Although, it's has two holes, one for small pencil and one for the jumbo pencils, and its only $4.00, so it won't cost you alot. 

Have you tried the Nyx Jumbo Pencils yet? What did you think?


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 9/10
o       Ease of Use: 8/10
o       Packaging: 6/10


Left to right: Pots & Pans, Black Bean, Dark Brown, French Fries & Iced Mocha

Left to right: Cottage cheese, Yoghurt, Gold, Bronze & Rust

Left to right: Strawberry milk, Lavender, Oyster, Lime & Pure Gold

I've included a link to a video I think you might find useful...

Friday, 19 November 2010

Giorgio Armani Holiday 2010: Gold Rush Collection

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics celebrates the holiday season with the exclusive Gold Rush Collection. This season’s ‘must have’, the Gold Rush Palette is an all over gold platinum topcoat that sublimates the eyes, lips and skin with a touch of elegant Armani glamour.

Gold Rush Palette ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

A soft, universal beige, sheer, shimmer powder that lights up the face and décolleté with an irresistible gold cut glow. The sleek, pale gold and black lacquered signature compact adds a sparkling note to this seductive collection.

Rouge d’Armani Gold Rush ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

o       404 Bright, coral red
o       517 Fuchsia
o       405 Tibetan orange

Chanel Cote D'azur Collection

This collection was first seen on the runway at the Chanel Cruise fashion show last May.The limited edition collection has just launched online and in select Chanel stores as part a five-piece Chanel Coe D'azur  resort collection. 

Le Vernis ($27.00)

o       Riva

Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour ($30.00)

o       Perle
o       Taffeta Rose
o       Sari Dore
o       Chintz

NARS Holiday 2010 Collection

Hey guys, so here is the NARS Christmas Collection. I know its out already but I thought I'd give you some information on it anyway! 

Lipstick ($24.00)

o       Petit Monstre Rich berry
o       Little Darling Nude beige


Lip Gloss

o       Downtown Metallic pink lavender
o       Bougainville Sheer pomegranate

Blush ($26.00)

o       Sex Appeal Soft peach


Trio Eyeshadow ($45.00)

o       Okinawa Lustrous silver, deep cobalt blue, black onyx

Eyeshadow Duo ($32.00)

o       Melusine Pale silver lilac and bright deep purple

Single Eyeshadow ($23.00)

o       Etrusque Antique gold

Nail Polish ($16.00)

o       Bad Influence Smoky taupe
o       Pokerface Lilac



Beauty in a Box: NARS Junkie ($69.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

Essential Eye Palette – 5 x 0.05 oz Eyeshadow in Night Star (sheer peach with gold pearls), Galapagos (rich bronze with gold flecks), Nepal (rose with shimmer), Ondine (plum with gold shimmer), Thunderball (midnight gray) plus 0.03 oz Cream Shadow in Unconditional Love (peach beige shimmer), 0.28 oz Lip Gloss in Ophelia (strawberry nectar), 0.14 oz mini Multiple in Orgasm (peachy pink shimmer), 0.08 oz mini Bronzer in Laguna (brown with golden shimmer)

Orgasm Lust Lip & Cheek Set ($30.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

0.35 oz mini Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/ Laguna (peachy-pink shimmer/ sheer light brown shimmer), 0.14 oz mini Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter)

Midsummer Dream Set ($47.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

0.35 oz Hungry Heart Blush Duo, 0.14 oz Orgasm Multiple, 0.25 oz Adelita Nail Polish

Follow the Boys Lip Gloss Set ($40.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

4 x 0.14 oz Lip Gloss in Moon Fleet (clear with silver and gold flecks), Easy Lover (sheer hot pink), Turkish Delight (pink sorbet), and Sweet Revenge (sheer pink grapefruit)

Trouble Maker Eye Set ($60.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

0.21 oz Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara in Black, 0.02 oz Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches (shiny black), 0.28 oz Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, 1.69 oz Eye Makeup Remover

Thursday, 18 November 2010

MAC & Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday 4" Lipstick

As of this morning, MAC’s LiveChat is confirming the collaboration between MAC and Nicki Minaj for Pink Friday 4 Lipstick. PINK FRIDAY 4 is sai to be similar to MAC's Pink Nouveau lipstick. It's a barbie pink and comes regular MAC packaging, as well as price ($14.50). It’s also a Satin (sheer but buildable) finish.

MAC Mak-up artist informed up, or rather tweeted, that PINK FRIDAY 4 goes on sale tomorrow, Friday 19th. They will only be sold online at and will only be available for four consective fridays. Also, they will first be available to MAC PRO members, the general public will be able to purchase PINK FRIDAY 4 as of the 26th November.

Lipstick ($14.50)

  • Pink Friday 4 Barbie pink (Limited Edition)

Benefit Christmas Collection

Hi guys, 

So here is some information on Benefit's christmas collection. It's already available in stores, so some of you might have already purchased some products. 

 Her Name Was Glowla ($36) – contains CORALista blush, high beam luminescent complexion enhancer, moon beam iridescent complexion enhancer, 5-shade eyeshadow palette, BADgal lash mascara, life on the A list lip gloss and a fluff shadow/ hard angle brush.

Beauty Wonderland ($49) – contains some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker, sugarbomb blush and BADgal mascara.

 All You Need is Gloss (US$26) – contains 3 double-ended wands in 6 shades: I’m with the band (golden pink shimmer), almost famous (copper penny), life on the A list (bubble gum pink), who are you wearing (passion fruit pink), back to the fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia), 24k (sexy gold)

The Fab Lane ($49) – contains hoola bronzing powder, BADgal lash mascara and “that gal” face brightening primer.


Beauty Be-Bop ($60) – contains some kind-a gorgeous lite the foundation faker (best suited to fair complexions), high beam luminescent complexion enhancer and ultra shines in back to the fuschia lip shine.

World’s Best Mascara ($29) – contains BADgal lash mascara and BADgal plum mascara.

 Cresent Row ($36) four eau de toilettes in one holiday set 

For those of you who are international and don't have a store near you... international shipping on the Benefit website is free for orders over US$115, it's definitely worth it since locally the prices tend to be more expensive. And I can tell you from expirience that it doesn't take long for your order to arrive. 

You can check out Benefit's entire holiday collection here.

Is there anything that tickles your fancy?