Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Givenchy Spring 2011 Collection: Naivement Couture

 If the world’s first woman were to be born today in the primeval garden, she would no doubt have a different vision of paradise. Nature would be tamed, its energy restrained, creating an ambiance in which she would more likely cut down the Tree of Knowledge than water it. But springtime always manages to awaken desires and dispel gloomy ideas. The impulse to seek gratification is driven by a sixth sense, making us eager for any and all sorts of sensations. A breath of pure air to be discovered or devised. The Must-Have, Blush Gelée, is a rich elixir of youth, illuminating a self-assured candour with fresh energy. NAÏVEMENT COUTURE (“naively couture”) is an autosuggestion of happiness.

Blush Gelee


o       Candide Pink


Prisme Yeux Quatour ($56.00) (Limited Edition)

o       Candide Garden (No. 78) Earth tones, oranges and browns


Rouge Interdit Shine ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

o       Candide Nude (No. 27) Natural


Rouge Interdit ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

o       Candide Tangerine (No. 50) Orange


Gloss Interdit ($25.50) (Limited Edition)

o       Candide Tangerine (No. 30) Vivid orange


Magic Khol ($21.50)

o       Coffee (No. 15) Brown


Vernis Please! ($15.00) (Limited Edition)

o       Candide Peach (No. 173) Natural

Availability: January/February 2011



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