Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Benefit Coralista

This is the first Benefit product I have tried and I must say I love love love it! Benefit’s Coralista is an absolute gem of a powder and I’m absolutely amazed to bits with it.

It is $28.00 for the powder. So although it is not exactly cheap I would still recommend it. Coralista is extremely pigmented and I’m sure many people will be quite pleased at the intensity of the product and gorgeous finish it leaves on your cheeks. The powder is pigmented enough to work on any and all skin tones. The powder is silky, has a very slight frost to it, and applies amazingly. I love that the colour adds warmth to my face and makes my skin glow. It lasts virtually all day, so that is a plus!

I think the packaging is cute, but impractical in the sense that it takes up a lot of space in my makeup bag. It comes with a little brush you can use, which although might be useful, makes the packaging that much bigger since it takes up half of the box. There is also the sticker issue, the corners are peeling off, which is not that great considering the blush is worth $28.00! It is sturdy, however, so the packaging is not a total disaster. The smell strangely enough for a face powder is gorgeous, like watermelon/mango.

Let me know what you think of this blush, have you tried it? Will you be buying it in the future?


o       Product: 9/10
o       Price: 7/10
o       Ease of Use: 6/10
o       Packaging: 7/10                 

 Total B

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